Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why, why, why

The question that I will never have the answer to. I've been feeling really mad and sorry for myself the last few days. Mad that there are mothers who give birth and stuff their baby in a dumpster, parents who are abusive, idiots who don't know how to use birth control and get pregnant when they don't even want a baby. And all these people got their babies and I didn't. Me who hoped and prayed for a baby, who followed all the rules and never drank coffee or ate lunch meat while pregnant, who exercised and drank tons of water, who has a strong marriage and a loving home to raise a child in. Instead I spent my lunch break today behind closed doors sobbing to myself while trying to choke down my ham sandwich. Tell me, where is the justice in that...?


  1. I am so sad for you friend. I know that this week has been both physically and mentally exhausting. You needed that cry behind closed doors and are always welcome to that. Love you and am constantly praying for you and Britt.

  2. Oh this breaks my heart! I understand those questions and really wish I knew the answers :-(