Monday, December 9, 2013

Emma's Bracelets

I am happy to share that today we started taking orders for our bracelets (until we reach 40 and then I am closing it until I get the first round done). Right now we only have the one style, the women's Endless Love bracelet. This is our first design and was created in memory of Emma. We will be creating a men's Endless Love bracelet in the near future. Our first men's design idea didn't pan out so well, so we have another in the works.  

We are using a portion of the proceeds from the bracelets to create care packages for the parents of stillborn babies. We are going to start our packages at the hospital where Emma was born and then expand to other area hospitals. Calling the hospitals and making arrangements to deliver the packages is something I dread. I want the parents to have the packages, but I wish they could magically appear in the hospital for us. Arranging it means I need to call the hospital, usually getting in touch with the main operator. I have to give a generic outline of who I'm trying to reach and why so they can get me in touch with the right person. Then once I have the right person, usually a bereavement coordinator in the labor and delivery unit, then I have to explain again what I'm doing and then my story and why I am doing this. By this point it has felt like a huge runaround and I'm in tears from repeating several times that I want to donate care packages for parents experiencing the stillbirth of their baby. Phew, I am getting anxious just thinking about it. It will be worth it though when the thing we wish would never happen {but does happen to 1 in 160 babies}, stillbirth, terrorizes another family.

If we end up having more orders than are needed to keep the business going and make the care packages (the two items the profits go towards) we will donate the extra proceeds to organizations and projects that support grieving families and/or stillbirth research. No matter how we expand our business in the future, including in ways that personally benefit us, the Endless Love design will always be Emma's and will always benefit Emma's sweet heavenly friends and their families. 

You can visit us on Facebook or learn more on the tabs at the top of our website. 

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