Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Broken Reflections

In the quiet stillness she waits
She waits for something, anything
A breath of peace, a hint of joy, even racking sobs, or engulfing anger
But all she finds is stillness, emptiness

Alone, the soft glow of Christmas lights shine through her, seeping through the cracks in her broken places
They make dancing shadows on the wall behind her, mocking her with their brightness and light
She wants to turn them off, to welcome the darkness, but there is something in those lights
Its just out of reach, but it seems to be calling her name

She wraps her arms around herself, covering the cracks as best she can
Settling in the for the long cold night, she decides to wait until the lights no longer dance behind her, but in front of her, reflecting the light in her eyes.


  1. Sarah, this is so honest, beautiful, poignant. You are a gift to this world. Love you friend.