Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Far Away

"Gone Away"

Maybe in another life
I could find you there
Pulled away before your time
I can't deal it's so unfair

And it feels
And it feels like
Heaven's so far away
And it feels
Yeah it feels like
The world has grown cold
Now that you've gone away

Leaving flowers on your grave
Show that I still care
But black roses and Hail Mary's
Can't bring back what's taken from me
I reach to the sky
And call out your name
And if I could trade
I would

And it feels
And it feels like
Heaven's so far away
And it stings
Yeah it stings now
The world is so cold
Now that you've gone away

I've always liked this song, but it definitely has a new meaning now. {Yes, Lilly loving, pearl wearing, Michael Kors bag carrying me loves rock, especially 90s grunge rock like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. Is that weird? Probably.}

This song came on the radio when I was on the way home this afternoon and it had me thinking about Heaven and Emma. I was thinking how it truly feels like Heaven is so far away. I know I will see Emma again, but it will be so long until I do. Thankfully the Bible says that time in Heaven is not like time on Earth, so I know that for sweet Emma it will only feel like the blink of an eye before her mommy and daddy are there with her.

As I was thinking all these thoughts I came to a stoplight, and this was the sky I saw in front of me:

The picture is not as clear as it was in person, but in the midst of the gray cloudy sky there was an opening where the bright sun was shining through. I like to think it was a a little bit of Heaven and Emma shining through telling me that they are not too far away at all, all I need to do is open my eyes and look.


  1. Beautiful. She's there in all of the beauty all around. It's so hard to see it, but she's there looking after you.