Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why I Want Your Support

Yesterday I joined the networking marketing company Nerium. I am so excited about this opportunity, but given the misconceptions that many people have regarding networking marketing I felt the need to get some things off of my chest.

Yes I am going to post stuff about Nerium. Sorry if it annoys you. Yes I will still post about other stuff too. Sorry if that also annoys you. Sorry if you're just grouchy and easily annoyed. No, I am not running a scam and I don't want to take all of your money and make you join a cult.

Yes I'm being sarcastic, but seriously people, what is the big deal??

I have found an amazing product and company that I believe in. The product works and the opportunities are insane. Who wouldn't want to work with amazing people who lift you up instead of tear you down? With people who believe in you and give you the tools to succeed? With a company that rewards you for your hard work with incentives and bonuses? With a company that could change your family's financial future? With a company where anyone can reach the top regardless of their background?

Network marketing is a business. It is not a traditional business model, but it is a business. Brand Partners are able to earn big incentives because overhead for these companies is so much lower than a traditional business. The money has to go somewhere and it goes to regular people like you and me. People worrying about making a car payment or paying a mortgage. People who want to be able to sign their kids up for dance class, or little league, or theater. Where's the harm in that?

Yes, those in my "upline" make more than I do and have the opportunity to make bonuses off of me. Isn't that how it always works? Does your boss make more than you? If you work hard and bring in business do you get a bonus? Does your boss get a pat on the back and a bonus for training and leading you and your colleagues, thus building up the company and bringing in more income?

HERE'S THE DIFFERENCE: The same opportunities that my upline are getting are open to ME! I can rise as high as I want to. I don't need two degrees behind my name, or to claw my way up the corporate ladder hoping I get picked over the other people fighting me to the top. The levels and promotions are laid out for me and I can decide what my goal is and how I'm going to do it.

So, all I ask is for your support. Don't hate on me because I'm posting about Nerium. Be on the team that encourages me and builds me up. Push me along as I reach for my goals, and if the product and opportunity is not for you then share it with someone who it may be for. Buying my products is not the only way you can support me (although you totally should because they work and you'll be so happy with your glowing youthful skin! ;) ). I have big dreams and I want to change my family's future. In case you don't know any teachers, we have very full hearts and very empty wallets. My household survives on two teacher's salaries and I want more for us. So please just be supportive, and if you can't, then please go drink your haterade somewhere else.